Roller Door Painting & Respraying

Brisbane & the Gold Coast

Trade Painters in Brisbane specialise in respraying, resurfacing and painting your commercial & industrial roller doors to provide a quality near new finish

If your commercial or industrial roller door is looking weathered, discoloured, faded or just a bit tired, then our team of expert painters and sprayers have the solution for you.

We pride ourselves on restoring, respraying, painting and resurfacing your businesses roller doors so they give your property the lift in appeal it deserves, whether you be in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast or anywhere in between.

And as with all of our work, we guarantee our paint and spray work on your roller doors will have a long-lasting guarantee.

Our roller door guaranteeĀ  includes industrial grade coatings with resistance against oxidisation, peeling and corrosion.

Working extensively in Queensland, Trade Painters Brisbane also know how tough the weather can be on your commercial and industrial property, therefore we will always provide a paint and spray solution that will withstand the Queensland weather extremes.

  • As a family-run business for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on:

  • Being flexible and responsive to business painting needs ensuring minimum disruption

  • Work to project deadlines

  • Long-life guarantee on all paint & spray work

  • Competitive pricing

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Roller Door Painting

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