Over the holiday period is a great opportunity to get a paint job. Students and teachers won’t have to worry about leaning against wet paint or the strong smell and it means that the painters won’t be getting in the way of anyone.

Trade Painters provide painting services to homesbusinesses and schools throughout Queensland, however, we understand that it can be difficult going through the process of painting when most days, the buildings are filled with people. So we recommend waiting for the holiday periods to get these projects completed.

With school holidays starting soon, it’s the perfect time for you to get a fresh coat of paint on! Trade Painters have more than 40 years of experience painting all kinds of areas, everything from large industrial buildings to apartment bedrooms, so you can rest assured that we can deliver high-quality results to your school’s paint job.

We can offer painting services in all areas of schools; from exteriors of buildings to classroom walls. We will ensure that the rooms are left as they were but with freshly painted walls, ready for fresh-faced students and teachers to return to their classrooms.

Trade Painters offer a comprehensive colour consultation, where we can have an in-depth conversation about what you require. So if you want a more vibrant colour to inspire creativity in an art classroom or a more neutral colour to encourage focused minds, we can make sure that both are done before your students return for the school term.

If you’re eager to get a new look for your school, contact our friendly team today and we can discuss your dates and requirements.

Our promise - the Trade Painters difference

Our family-owned and operated business is committed to best practice safety methods. We are BSA licenced so you can be assured of a safe and professional job every time. We value open communication and work closely with our clients throughout each step of the process to ensure minimal disruptions and a clear pathway to completion.

Our promise is to always communicate effectively with our clients and to do what we say we are going to do, so you can properly plan out your project with as little impact to daily life as possible.

Free colour consultation

Choosing the right colours for your home can be daunting. We offer a comprehensive colour consultation service to all of our clients to help make the process of selecting the right colours as simple as possible. Factoring in natural lighting, the style of your home and other lifestyle considerations, our Dulux Accredited team will recommend paint colours to complement your aesthetic. We only use Dulux products to ensure professional, long-lasting results and customer satisfaction.

We can also arrange viewings of some of our finished projects so you can see for yourself different shades as they appear in similar homes, and inspect first-hand the quality of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint do you use?

We primarily use quality products from Dulux. If there is another brand that you are interested in using, talk with your estimator.

What types of environmentally friendly options to you offer?

We will use low and non-VOC paints upon request.

How many coats of paint are included in the quote?

We always apply two coats of paint, guaranteed.

Can you offer advice on how to choose a colour?

Lighting, architecture, and room decor are three environmental factors to consider when choosing a paint colour. An ideal paint colour is one that considers the all three elements and provides balance and unity to the space.

What if I don’t like the colour selected, can I change it?

Would it be an additional cost? Yes, it is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility for any colour choices, and there is an additional cost for a colour change. The additional cost is determined by how much of the job is completed, along with the cost of the additional paint.

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