From high-rise exteriors that kiss the Brisbane skyline to cozy interiors of local businesses, our family-run company, Trade Painters, has been transforming commercial spaces since 1981.

We’re inviting you to step behind the scenes and journey with us through the intricate process of commercial painting.

Step 1: Preparation

Whether it’s the brick-and-mortar exterior of an office building or the drywall interior of a retail store, the first and arguably most crucial step in any painting project is preparation.

For exteriors, Brisbane’s sometimes harsh weather conditions can lead to paint chipping and grime accumulation. To ensure a smooth, clean canvas, our team uses pressure washing techniques to remove dirt, mould, and old paint. This is followed by meticulous scraping, sanding, and priming to ensure the new coat adheres properly.

Interior surfaces, on the other hand, require a gentler touch. We first protect all non-paint areas, carefully masking fixtures, furniture, and flooring. Next, we repair any surface defects – filling holes, smoothing uneven patches, and fixing drywall issues.

2:The Right Paint

Every project requires a hero, and in our case, it’s always the paint. But not all paints are created equal.

Exterior paints are the strong, weather-resistant kind. They are specially formulated to endure Brisbane’s sun, rain, and the occasional hailstorm, without fading or peeling. They are the heroes that brave the elements to keep your building looking sharp and professional year-round.

Interior paints, however, are the silent, resilient types. They are designed for their resistance to scuffs, easy cleaning, and great coverage. They might not fight the weather, but they fight time, ensuring your interior walls look fresh and vibrant for years to come.

3: Painting Techniques

With the stage set and the cast ready, it’s time for the main performance: the application of paint.

For exterior painting, speed, efficiency, and even coverage are vital. To achieve this, we often employ paint sprayers, which allow us to cover large surfaces quickly while ensuring an even coat that seeps into every nook and cranny of varied surfaces, from wood to masonry to metal.

Interior painting is more of a fine art. It requires careful detailing, especially ‘cutting in’ around door frames, window frames, and fixtures with a steady hand and a keen eye. We then fill in larger wall areas with rollers, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish.

4: Finishing Touches and Clean Up

Once the paint is applied, it’s not yet ‘curtain call’. There are touch-ups to be done, a final inspection to ensure the quality of our work, and of course, cleaning up. We pride ourselves on leaving our workspace as clean as we found it – with the addition of beautifully painted surfaces.

From the towering exteriors that stand tall under the Brisbane sun to the inviting interiors that house bustling local businesses, every commercial painting project is a story of transformation. And at Trade Painters, we’re not just painters; we’re storytellers.

Over the years, we’ve honed our craft, combining traditional techniques with modern innovations to provide top-notch commercial painting services. Yet, as much as our tools and techniques have evolved, our core values remain the same. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and a seamless, hassle-free painting experience from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking to give your building’s exterior a much-needed facelift or hoping to transform your interior into a space that reflects your brand’s identity, our team at Trade Painters is ready to bring your vision to life. We consider every commercial paint project, large or small, a privilege and an opportunity to help businesses throughout Brisbane tell their stories through colour and design.