In little ol Brisbane town, we are blessed with a unique climate made up of mostly warm, tropical days, and abundant sunshine which is also blended with the roller coaster of sudden shifts in weather. While this weather pattern is generally favourable for outdoor activities, it does present some unique challenges for our commercial and industrial painting projects.

The hot weather, fluctuating humidity, and intense sunlight can all have a significant impact on the paint job’s process and longevity. This is where our 42+ years of experience, comes into play, as we’re well-versed in navigating these weekly and often deaily weather challenges to ensure we deliver high quality finishes and professional paint results that can endure.

Impact of Heat and Humidity:

Extreme heat and high humidity can be a formidable adversary for painting projects. High temperatures can cause paint to dry too quickly, leading to unsightly brush marks and clumps. On the other hand, high humidity levels prevent paint from drying effectively, potentially leading to a whole host of problems such as blistering, mildew growth, or peeling over time. At Trade Painters, our expertise and extensive local knowledge allow us to work around these issues. We meticulously monitor weather conditions and make necessary adjustments to our painting process which may involve choosing cooler parts of the day to paint or selecting specific paint formulations that perform better in high humidity.

Sudden Weather Changes:

Our Brisbane climate is known for its unpredictability, with weather that can shift from clear skies to torrential rain within the same day. This sudden change in weather can impact painting projects, especially when rain threatens to wash off fresh paint or delay work. This is why we have developed a deep understanding of this climate through decades of hands-on experience. We closely follow weather forecasts and incorporate sufficient flexibility in our project timelines and keep in contact with you about any upcoming changes. This allows us to swiftly adapt to changing weather conditions, ensuring your commercial or industrial project stays on track.

UV Rays and Paint Fading:

Brisbane is renowned for its intense sunlight which as you can imagine, can often cause the paint on commercial and industrial buildings to fade faster, compromising the aesthetic appeal of the property. We recognise this challenge and overcome it by recommending and using premium quality Dulux paints with excellent UV resistance. These paint types maintain their vibrancy and longevity, even under the intense Brisbane sun, ensuring your commecial or industrial property continues to look its best for years to come.

Our Solutions:

Dealing with Queensland’s unique climate means we have to keep on our toes, and a part of this means choosing the correct paint is essential. At Trade Painters, we only use high-quality, weather-resistant Dulux paint that can withstand the Queensland climate’s rigours. Timing also plays a crucial role in a successful painting job, which is why we aim to schedule in and recommend that our clients undertake most of their painting projects during the cooler months (often May to September). However, if summer projects are inevitable, we schedule our work in the early mornings or late afternoons to avoid the most intense heat.

Our most significant advantage, however, is our extensive professional knowledge and experience. With over 42 years of delivering painting projects in Brisbane and across Queensland, we have honed our skills and learned how to navigate the local climate effectively. We anticipate potential challenges, plan contingencies, and ensure that we deliver a superior finish every time.

Our beautiful Brisbane weather does pose some unique challenges to commercial and industrial painting projects. However, with the right knowledge, experience, and techniques, these obstacles can be successfully navigated. This is where our decades of experience have equipped us to tackle these challenges head-on, delivering high-quality, enduring paint jobs that stand the test of time. So, whether you own a commercial complex in the heart of Brisbane or an industrial facility on the city outskirts, we have you covered.